Grange IT Limited Company Profile

Grange IT Limited

Grange IT Limited and its predecessor Grange Management Consultants have been in the computer software services industry since 1979. From its inception, Grange has been associated with IBM Mid Range systems developing applications and telecommunications systems. In 2000 Grange extended its product range to include support for Windows® environments.

IBM iSeries (AS/400)

Having developed systems for IBM midrange since 1979, we have extensive experience with the design, creation and implementation of iSeries applications. In addition, we have successfully installed many complex Communications systems. These projects are usually bespoke systems designed to solve a particular telecommunications problem between an IBM mid range system and other dissimilar systems. Examples include linking telex systems and CAD to AS/400 (iSeries) applications. Skill sets include in-depth knowledge of SNA, APPC and TCP/IP protocols including Sockets and HTTP(S).

Bacstel-iP Systems

We are the authors of the Grange BACSTEL-iP System for iSeries, which is the market leading generic BACSTEL application in the UK. In 2000 we extended our BACS solutions to Windows, offering a comprehensive and flexible range of BACSTEL systems in the UK. Also in 2000 we released our CHECKER Sort Code and Account number validation systems for IBM iSeries and Windows.

HMRC Government Gateway Systems

These are the latest in line of our communication-based systems. We provide the Grange RTI Gateway system to submit data to the HMRC Government Gateway over the Internet. This currently supports the PAYE EOY returns for P14 and P35, Expenses and Benefits, and RTI. Complimentary to this is the Grange DPS system for the download of Employee coding data and notifications from the new HMRC Data Provisioning Service. Both systems are available for Windows environments.

We are an Authorised Distributor of the UK Banking Industry Sorting Code Directory.