Products and Services from Grange IT Limited

Bacstel-iP Systems

We are the authors of the Grange BACSTEL-iP family of systems, available for IBM iSeries (AS/400) and Windows (most versions). The Grange IBM iSeries BACSTEL-iP system is the UK market leader, currently installed in over 250 sites. Our BACSTEL systems will support any number of applications and all BACSTEL-iP service functions.

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Sort Code and Account Number Validation

Sort Code and Account number validation is becoming essential in the efficient processing of Bank Account data. When checked at source, potentially costly errors can be resolved quickly, reducing time and effort, particularly when dealing with Direct Debits. Our Validation systems are available for IBM iSeries (AS/400) and Windows (most versions) offering both an application interface (API) and stand alone User enquiries. Sort Code and Validation data are regularly updated.

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HM Revenue and Customs Systems

Grange have two approved systems supporting HMRC gateway services. The Grange RTI system interfaces to the Government Gateway to submit PAYE End of Year data (P14, P35) and RTI data. The Grange DPS system interfaces to the HMRC Data Provisioning Service to receive PAYE information including P6, P9, Student Loans notices, Annual Reminders and other data.

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Direct Debit Management

We can supply systems to cover most aspects of Direct Debit Management from initial AUDDIS creation all the way through to Direct Debit transmissions and receipts from Bacstel-iP.

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Bespoke Communications Systems

Grange has considerable experience in designing and writing bespoke communications systems for IBM iSeries (AS/400) and Windows environments. Protocols used are Sockets and HTTP / HTTPS, generally over TCP/IP networks.