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HMRC RTI (Real Time Information) Gateway System

Real Time Information System (RTI)

Grange IT Limited are UK specialists in Bacstel-iP and HMRC gateway systems. The Grange RTI Gateway system is designed to submit data to the HMRC Government gateway. It is available for most Windows® environments.

The Grange RTI system is a software solution designed to submit data created by any application into the Inland Revenue Government Gateway. The application submission data is checked for integrity before being transmitted to the Gateway servers. A summary of the data is displayed before transmission. The progress of the transmission is continuously displayed to the User.

The Grange RTI system supports all requirements of the new PAYE RTI (Real Time Information) process. In addition the system supports the transmission of Inland Revenue (IR) End of Year submissions of P14 and P35, P11D, and in-year submissions of P45(1), P45(3), P46, PENNOT and WNU.

Further classes of transmissions will be added as the Government expands its usage of the Gateway.

Features of the Grange RTI Gateway System